first game

by kevo

  I can't remember my first Everton game, because in the 70s when football was affordable, one week I'd go to Goodison, the next would by to watch the Rs? I can remmember taking my son who is now in his 20s where have the years gone? to his first full game, I started taking him to watch the reserves from when he was about 6 it only cost a few pounds, he seemed to enjoy the games watching the young Rooney coming through, so I decided to take him to a proper game the match was Everton v Arsenal and after a few minutes and the noise of a sell out match with all the fans cheering and shouting, he burst into tears, but he was only 8 years old and the best thing we could do was leave the ground which we did. I still give him a bit of stick over that, but that never put him off and has been a season ticket holder for a few years now. and whats all that about swipe cards? I still prefer the old fashioned wallet, and ticket stubs.