The first time I got the blues.

by Nick Cross.

  I had gone to watch a pre-season friendly at Rochdale. They were my local club. I had gone to see them a few times with my dad. He was a United supporter but he preferred to visit the windy tops of the Dale. A few years earlier, mum and dad had split up. I was now going to watch the Dale by myself. On this occassion, we were playing Everton. I remember Alan Ball with his carrot coloured hair and white boots. But most of all I remember...I could not get a good view of the pitch until a scouser picked me up and put me on the perimiter wall infront of him. My dad had never shown me such kindness. And here was a stranger, an Everton fan, who had such kindness and humanity to help a young fan of the oppposing team see the game. Everton lost one nil. But I became an Everton fan for the rest of my life. After all, what is a football club without its supporters? And Everton supporters are the best in the world. Come on, you blue boys!