My First Game

by Arthur Jones

  My First game was at Goodison in February 1970 , I was 10 years old and it was a 2-2 draw against Arsenal . Alan Whittle sored both goals . My dad was not a football fan so I went with a neighbour , it cost 2s/6d to stand in the Paddock . Just being there meant everything to me . I wore the amber and blue 'away ' kit my mum had bought for me and if the bug wasn't alrady there , it certainly was after that day . I had the pleasure of meeting Alan Whittle a couple of years ago and told him about my first game , to my delight he remembered the occasion well and told me that on that day Arsenal keeper Bob Wilson was beaten by a shot from outside the area which was a rare event and indeed it was unusual for Alan to score with a shot from distance . 40+ years on I'm still a season ticket holder