Undersoil Heating.

by Bill Watson

  The undersoil heating was already installed by the time of my first match v West Ham in 1958

  I have read the minutes detailing the drainage problems and the decision to dig the pitch up and replace the wiring. The minutes are from 1960 but I don't recall the work being undertaken at that time.

  What I do recall is that the undersoil heating wasn't in place at the time of the big freeze in 1962-3. We were top of the league and I think it snowed on Boxing Day. I think we were playing Bolton, away, and I had booked on a football special from Skelhorne Street on Ribble Motors. By the time we got to town it was snowing heavily and, at the bus station, we were told the match was off.

  That was it, home or away, until March and after a few weeks the Pools companies introduced the 'Pools Panel' to keep their businesses going. As a 15 year old I found the fixed odds section of the coupon (predicting home or away wins) particularly attractive as the Panel usually went for the predictable result! I had a few tidy little wins on my mother's Littlewoods coupon!

  Without referring to records I think Everton's next match was about 9 or 10 weeks later and may have been away to Swindon in the FA Cup. Again from memory I think we had a very good win; about 1-5. Whoever it was against I know I had a ticket for the original Saturday fixture but couldn't go to the re-scheduled night match. The journey to Swindon, in those pre M5 days, would have taken ages and there was school the next day!