The Everton Loving Cup

A series of loving cups were presented in August 1937 by the then Stoke City President — Sir Francis Joseph — to commemorate the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on the 12th May 1937. The cups were presented to the 22 English First Division Clubs that finished the 1936-37 season and to the two clubs that were promoted into the division to start the 1937-38 season.

The cups were also presented to the Scottish Football Association on the occasion of Britain v Rest of Europe match, at Hampden Park and also to Glasgow Rangers as a tribute to their generosity when they came to Stoke to play a match which added £2000 to the Holditch Colliery Disaster Fund.

Cups were also presented to the English Football Association, the English Football League and to the King himself.
Sir Francis Joseph requested that the cup be used to drink to the health of the reigning Monarch on the occasion of the first home match of the New Year.

The tradition is still carried on today at Everton. Every year at the first home game in January the Cup is passed around the boardroom and the good health of the Club is toasted and also the Monarchy. As far we know this cup is one of 5 left in circulation. This cup is Number 15.