Between Monday 16th and Thursday 26th August, Everton Collection stands will be on show at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

The displays explore the origins of football in Liverpool including how a football team from St Domingos Methodist Church became one of the most successful clubs in British football history - Everton F.C. Visitors can also learn about Everton's move from Anfield to Goodison Park and the shared history between Merseyside's two most famous teams. 

The stands also provide detailed information about some of the oldest and most unique items of memorabilia in the Collection, including the Everton F.C. minute books (1887-1964), match programmes (1886-present day) and the oldest known team photograph from 1881! Please note original items will not be displayed.

To launch the exhibition, acclaimed football author Peter Lupson gave a free talk, 'Thank God for Football', on Monday 16th August at the Cathedral. 
The Everton Collection display at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral