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Reference number
796 EFC/1/1/1
Minutes 1887-1891
3 Oct 1887-6 Apr 1891
Contains minutes of general meetings, annual general meetings, special general meetings, emergency meetings. 23 Apr 1888 the Committee resolved that Everton F.C. should join the Football League. 30 Apr 1888 it was minuted that J. J. Ramsay, Director, would attend a meeting in Birmingham on behalf of the Club, to sign an agreement to be one of a league of 9 prominent clubs to play together. 12 Jun 1888 reference to an incorrect statement in the 'Porcupine' magazine that the Club paid 200 p.a. for rent of the Anfield Road ground. 16 Jul 1888 it was agreed that the Club should resign from the Liverpool and District Football Association. 24 Jul 1888 John Houlding gave an undertaking that the Club could use the Anfield Ground for a fair rental subject to certain conditions - this entry is underlined in red ink. 23 Nov 1888 it was minuted that rules were being drawn up for the conduct of the League. 12 May 1890 it was decided that the colours of the club should be salmon coloured shirts with dark maroon shorts, this was changed to dark blue shorts on 23 Jun 1890. 1 Dec 1890 an agreement was made to order 30 salmon coloured shirts and 12 blue and gold. Various minutes signed by Robert Wilson, John Houlding, Edwin Berry, J. C. Brooks, W. E. Barclay, Joseph Williams. Everton Football Club Bye-Laws (undated) and Everton Record and Fixtures, Season 1888-89, pasted to inside front cover. Everton Football Club, Season 1888-89 Rules pasted in under minutes of the meeting for 12 Jun 1888. The results of the 1st team have been recorded from 1 Sep 1888 to 10 Nov 1888. The results of the 2nd team have been recorded from 1 Sep 1888 to 1 Dec 1888.
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202 The possibility of playing baseball at the ground was considered. The ground was felt to be unsuitable.
232 Photograph of players taken at Sunderland. In was agreed that each player should have a copy. The team names: 1st and 2nd team were adopted.
243 £100 to be paid to Mr Houlding towards the Club’s loan account with him.
273 Gordon had to promise to keep in proper condition to play football
274 12 medals were ordered from Vaughton and sons.