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28 Nov. 1887	Commitee mtg. Mr R. Wilson in chair
		present Messrs Houlding, Webster, Wills, Ramsay,
		Marriott. Richards, Gunning, Nisbet,
		secretary reported that North End beat Everton
		at Preston in 2nd round F.C.T. by 6 goals to nil.
		Team, Smalley, Dick, Dobson, Higgins, Gibson,
		Weir, Izatt, Farmer, Goudie, Watson, Richards,
		referee Mr. Armstrong of London.
		Reserve team beat Park Lane Wanderers at
		Everton by 5 goals to nil. team

		Secretary reported that Messrs Gregson and Lythgoe,
		on behalf of the F.A. took away treasurer's and
		secretary's books.
		Com. adjourned to 1 Dec. 1887.

					Robert Wilson
						Dec 12. 1887

1 Dec 1887	Adjourned Com. mtg. Mr R. Wilson in chair
		present Messrs Ramsay, Marriott, Richards, Wills,
		Nisbet, Fleming, Jones, Gunning, Houlding,
		team for L'pool Cuptie.
		Jolliffe, Dick, Dobson, Higgins, Gibson, Weir,
		Fleming, Watson, Goudie, Farmer, Cassidy.
		reserve Richards.
		Next Com. on 6 inst.
					Robert Wilson
						Dec 12. 1887
202 The possibility of playing baseball at the ground was considered. The ground was felt to be unsuitable.
232 Photograph of players taken at Sunderland. In was agreed that each player should have a copy. The team names: 1st and 2nd team were adopted.
243 £100 to be paid to Mr Houlding towards the Club’s loan account with him.
273 Gordon had to promise to keep in proper condition to play football
274 12 medals were ordered from Vaughton and sons.