Committee Meeting held Monday July 28th 1890

Present		J. Houlding Esq. (in the chair) Messrs Barclay, Wilson, Jackson, Currier,
		Stockton, Clayton, Ramsay, Howarth, Brooks, Dr. Baxter & the Sec.

Minutes		of last meeting read & confirmed.

Bye laws	Resolved that Bye laws as amended and printed be passed.

Teams		Resolved that in future we adopt for our 1st & 2nd team the names
		respectively Everton (League team) and Everton.

Fixture		were confirmed as follows		
		Oct 	1st	Middlesbro Ironopolis	A	Guar £35
		Mar 	9th	B'burn Rovers		A
		April	30 	   "    "		H

Practice ground	Resolved that Dr Baxter & Mr. Wilson sec Mr. Rimmer with a view
		to arranging for same & report to Committee.

Photo of Players Resolved that we give a copy (as taken at Sunderland) to each of
		the players thereon.

Picnic		The Sub Committee reported that they had arranged to go to
		Greenwich Park on 16th August.

New Members	Resolved that Mr. J. Prescot Clifton Rd. be next on turn 5th app.

		Signed August 5th 1890

			    J. Houlding

202 The possibility of playing baseball at the ground was considered. The ground was felt to be unsuitable.
232 Photograph of players taken at Sunderland. In was agreed that each player should have a copy. The team names: 1st and 2nd team were adopted.
243 £100 to be paid to Mr Houlding towards the Club’s loan account with him.
273 Gordon had to promise to keep in proper condition to play football
274 12 medals were ordered from Vaughton and sons.