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Reference number
796 EFC/1/1/12
Minutes 1914-1916
26 Apr 1914-6 June 1916
Contains minutes of general meetings, emergency meetings, annual general meetings. 4 May 1914 it was agreed to purchase houses on Gwladys Street. 3 Jun 1914 it was resolved to make a donation to the Empress of Ireland Appeal Fund. 26 Aug 1914 it was agreed to make a donation to the War Relief Fund. 22 Sep 1914 the Chairman reported that Liverpool and Everton F.C.s had engaged an instructor for drill and rifle practice. 29 Sep 1914 the Secretary reported that contracts had been exchanged on the houses in Gwladys Street. 1 Oct 1914 the Committee called for more debate on a scheme proposed by the Football League to give financial assistance to clubs in difficulty. 12 Oct 1914 it was agreed to forward money to the League under the Financial Assistance Scheme. 20 Oct 1914 it was recorded that money had been deducted from players' wages in accordance with the Financial Assistance Scheme. 1 Dec 1914 the Directors reported on a meeting with Lord Derby about the effect of football on army recruitment. 12 Jan 1915 the purchase of the Gwladys Street houses had been completed. 29 Apr 1915 medals and merit money were awarded to players for winning the League Championship. 25 Jan 1916 it was agreed to endow an Everton F.C. bed at Stanley Hospital. Minutes signed by W. R. Clayton, B. Kelly, Dr. James C. Baxter. Letter from Companies' Registration Office pasted to inside front cover and next to minutes of 9 July 1915. League and Central Team Results 1913-14 pasted to front flyleaf. Letter giving notice of the A.G.M.s on 15 June 1914 and 7 Jun 1915 including balance sheet pasted before minutes of the meetings. Letter from the Football League Ltd. pasted in next to minutes of 1 Oct 1914. Memoranda of Agreement pasted in next to minutes of 20 Oct 1914 and 9 Apr 1915. Notice setting out the Football League's Financial Assistance Scheme next to minutes of 3 Nov 1914. Newspaper cutting about Lord Derby's Recruitment Scheme pasted in before minutes of 15 Dec 1914. Notice from the Football League setting out Rules and Propositions pasted in before minutes of 9 Apr 1915. Letter from the Football Association calling an Extraordinary General Meeting pasted in next to minutes of 13 Apr 1915. Minutes of a Special General Meeting of the Football League pasted in next to minutes of 16 Apr 1915 and 26 Apr 1916. Retain and Transfer lists 1915-16 and newspaper cutting pasted in before minutes of 6 Aug 1915. Football League notice pasted in next to minutes of 21 Sep 1915. Letters from the Office of Surveyor of Taxes pasted in next to minutes of 26 Oct 1915, 2 Nov 1915 and 15 Jan 1916. Specification for the painting of the Goodison Road stand pasted in after minutes of 14 March 1916. League and Central Team Results 1914-15 pasted to back flyleaf.
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