Annual		Resolved that Messrs Atkinson & Griffiths take charge of
Meeting		the door tomorrow.

A. J. Weddel	Resolved that Mr. Weddel be allowed to withdraw his

A. Latta	Resolved that Latta be requested to go to Scotland at
		the Clubs expense & interview Bell of Dumbarton.

Company		The Committee considered schemes for forming the
Scheme		Club into a Limited Liability Company & eventually,
		decided upon one of which the following is a copy.

				2,500 ORDINARY SHARES @ £1... ... ... £2,500  0  0
				100 £10 MORTGAGE DEBENTURE BONDS  ...  1,000  0  0

			Ordinary Shares payable 2/6 on application, 2/6 on allotment, and
		2/6 each on 1st August, 1st September, 1st October and 1st November respectively.
			Leaving 5/- per Share to be called as Directors may determine.

		Each Member applying for Two or more Shares to have allotted to him free One
		fully paid Share.
		A Member not applying for Shares to be entitled to a Season Ticket, admitting to Members' Stand,
		@ 7/6 per season.

		Two Shares to be entitled to Admission for Self to Members' Stand, Subscription 7/6 per annum.
		Five  do.	       do.	do.    Self and Lady    do.		do.             do.
		Ten   do.  or upwards  do.	do.          do.     to Reserved Stand, do.             do.


		Three Shares to be entitled to Admission for Self to Members' Stand, Subscription, 7/6 per annum.
		Six	do.		do.	  do.	Self and Lady	do.		 do.		do.
		Fifteen do.  or upwards do.	  do.	     do.     to Reserved Stand	 do.		do.
		  In the event of any Shareholder transferring his Shares in block the right to Season Ticket
					           to follow to the Transferree.
			Matches to which Season Tickets will not be available, to be fixed by Directors.

		  QUALIFICATION OF DIRECTOR — To hold not less than 3 SHARES.
		  VOTING — Every Shareholder to have one vote, excepting such as hold 20 SHARES or upwards,
		who will be entitled to one vote additional, - the maximum being 2 votes.

		  Applications for Shares from present members to be first considered by Directors.

			Signed								Geo. Mahon
18 Standen Whiteside Linaker was considered for membership of the Club.
39 It was agreed to pay £10.00 to F Geary as a wedding present.
43 It was agreed that the Combination Team should be offered 2 guineas and a gold medal each if they got the championship.
51 Resolved that the silver medals to Everton Team from the previous season should be presented on 24 Oct.
72 Gordon appeared before the Committee and promised to abstain from drink in the future.
74 Call on players “to pay strict and special attention to training … and not to go skating on the ice.”
98 Resolved that a turnstile book be kept.
107 Resolved that 13 medals be purchased @ 24/- from Vaughton’s
112 Fred Geary was asked to look for employment outside a public house