[Meeting held at Xchange Hotel,
			Liverpool, Tuesday, Apl. 4, 1950]

		Present:- Dr. C. S. Baxter (Chair), E. Green, W. C. Gibbins, W. R. Williams,
			F. W. Lake, J. C. Sharp, Major R. A. O. C., H. R. Williams & N. W. Coffey,
			Manager & Sec'y in attendance.

			Minutes of Meeting held on March 28th,
		were read & confirmed.

Finance			Receipt was reported of:-
		Gate v W. B. A.				£1332.2.9
			Cheques were signed for:-
		Customs & Excise	Tax		£102.2.9
		Football League		4%		£44.15.5
		W. B. A. F. C.		Share		£178.16.0
		L'pool City Police	Services	£34.5.0
			Bank Balance £928.16.7 Dr.
Reports			Mr. E. Green did not recommend. Lee (R. H.), Barrow.
			He liked the look of Hindle (G) who was 6' 1”.
		He was alert, showed good handling & was ready made.
		Well worthy of consideration.
			Mr. Britton mentioned that they had both
		been recommended by Andy Beathe now at Stockport County.
			Mr. H. R. Williams mentioned 5 forwards he
		thought might be useful, and Mr. Britton stated that none
		of these players were for transfer, when he had enquired.
			Hickson had definite possibilities
			Hampson had a sporting chance of making
			Easthope had now signed pro. since
		leaving the Forces, at there was a chance of success here.
			Cardiff City had enquired about T. G. Jones
		playing in a benefit match at the end of the season. Agreed
		that he be permitted, provided he was not needed here.