[At a Meeting of Directors held at
			the Bradford Hotel, Liverpool
			on the 24th February 1920.]

		Mr. W. R. Clayton (in the Chair)
		"    H. Banks		Mr. John Davies
		Dr. J. C. Baxter	"    J. G. Davies
		Mr. A. Coffey		" R. T. Francis
				Mr. E. Green.

		Mr. H. Halsall at Newcastle on the business of the Club.

Minutes			The Minutes of the proceedings of the Directors
		at a Meeting held on the 17th February 1920, were
		read & confirmed.

Finance			The Gross Gate on Wednesday last was
		reported to be £936.11.11, Expenses £242.5.0,
		& net Gate £694.6.11, Oldham Athletic F. C's 20% proportion
		being £138.17.5.

			The Gross Gate on Saturday the 21st instant,
		was returned as £75.8.8, the entertainment tax on same
		being £18.17.2.

			It was reported that the amount payable
		by Newcastle F. C. re the match played on the 11th inst.
		was £165.2.2, but owing to Cup Tie postponement
		compensation had to paid to this Club, & statement was
		submitted showing the average sum due to be £336.15.0
		Cheque for which had been received & paid to Bank.

			Aston Villa F. C. had also remitted the amount
		of £344.0.1 for proportion of Gate on their ground on
		the 14th inst., the Gross Gate being £2276.13.6 & Expenses £556.13.0.

			The Bank Balance was declared to be £3465.4.7 Cr.

			Cheque were presented & signed as follows:-
		Collector of Customs.   Entertainment Tax	£199.  1.9
		T. H.  McIntosh		Wages & Expenses	 300.  0.0
		Football Association 	Subs and Cup entry	   1. 11.0
		Dundee F. C. 		Fee re Bissett		 250.  0.0